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If you are retired or soon to be retired, we have good news for you! A great stage of your life is about to get started. First of all, what you have to do is to clean up your mind from all of those wrong ideas about life after work. Many people -mistakenly- think that growing old is all about losing your capacities, doing nothing all day, being bored and feeling bad. This is not true at all! And we are here to prove so.

Retirement is a long time of your life, full of possibilities. With the correct lifestyle and the right activities, you can be healthy, energetic and happy every day. Now you have all the free time to dedicate to yourself and your loved ones. Yo have so much more to give, and to receive from life.

Some people do not seem to have hope that they will be able to reach this lifestyle, even if they really want to have a fulfilling retirement. Journeys and holidays, gifts, classes and courses, trips, and most activities, along with medical care, mean a lot of expense that not everyone can fund. This seems to be a big limit for a satisfying retirement. However, there is a great way in which you can achieve all that you want and even more without having to worry about money at all! How? Well, let us give you some information about what you can do to make your life better and boost your retirement by releasing a lot of value from your real estate property and make it become money in your hands.


Equity release is the solution

There is a great home financing plan for everyone. If you own a property, you can make money out of it without resigning it or having to move somewhere else. A good equity release scheme will fill your pockets with lots of flowing cash that you can spend and invest into having a better life.

You don't have to sell or rent your house! Desmitify equity release and loose all fears! Learn how much better your life can get with a home financing schedule. Jump in the wagon and fin out how other people have already managed to be so happy with equity release!

   We offer the best advice on all possible equity release solutions. Every case and every person is special an unique. Let us look closely into your own financial status and tell you exactly what is the best that you can do to finance your retired life with equity release!

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We provide a handy contact form and also a phone number for you to contact us. Our advisory team is availiable for all kinds of consultations and case reviews. You are just a step away from enjoying your retirement and taking it to a level beyond all that you have ever imagined. It sounds magical, but it is not; it is just the result of smart and wise financing. Call us now!

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Donna James

"South Elders has shown me how much fun I can have with so little effort. I love waking up every morning because I know that there is always something amazing awaiting."

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"I am sixty-four years old and I am about to get married. I fell in love with this wonderful man that I met in one of the trips organized by Duncan Ferris with South Elders. It was the best decision that I have ever made."

Ernest Niles

"Nobody beats me at playing bridge. And I haven't been playing it for too long! I engaged in several new activities counseled by South Elders and I have found some new talents I never thought I had!"